How to write Vows for your Wedding

Vows can be a struggle to construct, and not because there aren’t several amazing things to say about your partner, but because it can sometimes be a challenge to wrap all of those great attributes into a few words and/or put on paper. Continue reading if you could use a few pointers! How To Start Start with a statement of who this person is to you *Who is this person to you or for you? - Comforter, Motivator, Listener,Protector etc.. Example Text: (Name)... You have been apart of my fan club from day one. You showed me what it means to depend on myself. You taught me how to love. You allowed me to open up in a way that I've never seen. Continue by stating what you love about your partner

Vintage Themed Upscale Wedding at The Georgian Terrace

The Couple: Caroline and Josh celebrated their love story at The Georgian Terrace in Atlanta, Georgia! If you're a fan of historical venues with elegant vibes, you're sure to be swoon away by the gorgeous details. The couples goal was that of a Classic Ball room Wedding! This elegant vintage style venue gave the couple exactly what they've always dreamed of. It took no time at all after the couples intense online search and views of lots of beautiful photos showcasing the venues jaw dropping architecture, before the couple realized this was the perfect venue for them. With the help of Courtney at Drake Social, planning and design services paired with the elegantly crafted center pieces

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