10 Best Wedding Tips of 2019 You'll Wish You Read Sooner!

Do you want 10 of the best Wedding tips of 2019?

This post shows Organization tips, Importance of setting a time for Photos, When to splurge, How to entertain the kids during the wedding/reception, prepping your footwork, Best way to send Thank You cards, How to prepare the week of the wedding and more!....

How to stay organized

Keep a spread sheet or journal of things like Contracts, Timeline and To-Do lists in a digital folder like Drop Box so that It will always be accessible.

Wedding journal

Breaking in your new shoes

If you have slippery soles you can try scrubbing your soles with actual sand paper or get slip proof pads to stick on, also try using a heel cuff to keep your pumps from sinking in the grass.

There is nothing more terrible than wearing a pair of shoes that may potentially have you looking like you need a WALKER by The First Dance!

Now, we all know the term "Pain Is Beauty" BUT! We have to take a smarter approach, I mean after all, whose hoping to start off their marriage with fresh corns and blisters.

Another GREAT hack is to run a blow dryer on the inside of your shoe to loosen it in width for that perfect fit!

Photo Timing is crucial

Taking photos can be very tedious so scheduling to take most of your photos before the wedding can save a lot of time and prevent a long wait to your reception.