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About Us

Kimberly Shadani Agency. is an

On location Glam Agency.


We provide Hair & Makeup services for:

Weddings, Film &TV, Corporate events, Photo shoots and more.

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Wedding Plus-One

A common question is, "Is it rude not to extend a plus one to all of your guests?

Guest list can get a bit tricky when you're wanting to stay within a budget


Covid-19 Wedding Planning Tips

Couples around the world are experiencing the ever evolving scenarios of Covid-19. 

Wedding retailers nationwide are quickly reacting to the rapidly updated information in aid of taking action to help prevent the spread of the virus and practice social distancing.


How to write Vows

Vows can be a struggle to construct, and not because there aren’t several amazing things to say about your partner, but because it can sometimes be a challenge to wrap all of those great attributes into a few words and/or put on paper.

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